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Review from a client

I received this lovely note the other night from a client. This is why I love what I do and want to help as many as possible on this journey of life.

Thank you so much Alex! Deep gratitude for your sharing your experience.

Hi Jeanne!

You probably don’t remember me but I came to you and got a reading almost two years ago (Fall 2017) and I just found your card while moving into my new room/decluttering. I just wanted to email you and say how grateful I was for your reading. Since I saw you last, a lot has changed in my life for the better! You couldn’t have been more spot on about everything that was going to happen. I remember you specifically saying how life was going to move very quickly for me. Not even two months later I received a job offer to be a flight attendant and I live in NYC now! I’ve even started to tap into my own psychic gifts too. It has been a crazy ride. I have thought about that reading quite a bit since then, and when I found your card I knew I had to send you a message. So thank you so much Jeanne! You’re awesome, and extremely talented with your gifts. I hope all is well, and I would love to have a reading by you again sometime soon! ♥️

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