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About Jeanne

My journey into the healing arts has transpired throughout my life.  My consistent study and curiosity of the metaphysical, holistic, and spiritual modalities to greater understand my own challenges and those of my loved ones and humanity.

I have been intuitive and empathic from childhood as I searched, studied, and came to awakening to my truth and the universal knowledge of being a spiritual being in a human body.


My journey is to gain knowledge to expand my awareness and gifts and listen to my soul's whisper and purpose to be of assistance to those also searching for answers and understanding of their personal journey.

I moved to Sedona from the midwest following my deep knowing that it was time to answer my soul purpose at a deeper level to assist in serving those who are divinely led by their soul for answers and clarity. 

My journey of discovery and enlightenment was and continues to be awe-inspiring. Sedona is forever in my soul.

I have returned to the midwest, the heart of the dove, and I am living in Lees Summit, Missouri. A lovely area I am proud to call home.

I am deeply honored, humbled, and filled with joy to be of service to you. Please email me or text me with questions about my services. 

  • Certified Angel Practitioner 

  • Usui/Holy Fire Reiki Master

  • Crystal Healing Practitioner

  • Akashic Records

  • Atlantean Healing

  • Psychic Medium

  • Intuitive Counselor


How my sessions work is I intuitively connect to your energy field and aura to receive messages. Connecting with Spirit to guide your session. Being clairsentient and clairvoyant I tap into feelings, emotions, or challenges you may be experiencing.

Questions you may have are always welcome. I am compassionate, considerate, and authentic. I am dedicated to the positive enhancement of your life journey.  

We are all experiencing a time of great change on planet earth. Having assistance to navigate the challenges are important to the well being of all.

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