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Reiki 15% off


This month I start offering my services at:

The Energy Within, 7807 W 151st St Overland Park Ks.

This Saturday is the Intuitive Showcase I will be providing my Intuitive services.

I am very excited to be a part of the high-vibe, heart-centered group at Energy Within. A lovely crystal, herb shop that offers classes and opportunities for healers and readers in our area.

In the month of June, we are offering 15% off Reiki sessions at Energy Within, prebooking with me personally at that location is necessary. I will also be doing sessions at my home and remotely!

Summer Solstice arrives soon and it is a powerful transition time. The sun peaks as the longest daylight here in the Northern Hemisphere. One of my favorite times to celebrate.

It is my birthday and the month of June always feels awesome with the Gemini energy being pronounced. If you are feeling willing to communicate easier, have fun and maybe be a bit indecisive or simply look more intently at two sides of a situation, welcome to the Gemini season.

We will shift into Cancer after the Solstice. The loving home and family sign, is full of emotion and all the feels. The intuitive nurturer.

My Crystal Reiki session is powerful with Reiki, crystal energy, and the Solfeggio tuning forks aid in the deeper clearing of the energy, auric and emotional field, and the rebalancing of the chakras. All my sessions include an Intuitive reading, We ALL can use a reset to navigate these times.

If you are open to leaving a comment, review, or testimony of my services on this blog, my Facebook page, or Instagram at Jeanne Sedona.

I would be very grateful!

Enjoy your Summer! Please reach out to schedule a healing session this month. A perfect time to begin healing on a deeper level of your energy field.

Blessings of Love and Light


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